Luxor Temple The Epigraphic Survey at Chicago House

A ancient Egyptian temple on the east back of Nile that is one of the oldest religious centers with continuous worship.

This exhibition is brought to you by the partnership of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and Chicago House at the University of Chicago.

Drawing from Luxor Temple

Explore Luxor Temple in Upper Egypt

See the oldest temple in the world with continuous religious worship and learn about its history and gods and goddesses in Ancient Egypt

Go Inside the Temple

Religion in Ancient Egypt at Luxor Temple

Who the ancient Egyptians worshipped and what their religion was like at Luxor Temple throughout the last 3,400 years

Ancient Egyptian Religion at Luxor Temple

The Opet Festival: Rejuvenation of the Gods

Daily Life in Ancient Egypt at Luxor

Explore the Art and Architecture of the Temple

Learn about the history of Luxor Temple through its phases of construction and ongoing work by artists and archaeologists to study it today

Visit the Temple

About the Art and Architecture of Luxor Temple

Learn about the history of the temple and people that have lived and worshipped here over the past 3,400 years

The Epigraphic Survey at Luxor Temple

A Timeline of Luxor Temple

The Roman Occupation and Fortress at Luxor Temple

See Luxor Temple at Night

Explore an ancient Egyptian temple as it was meant to be seen by many of its worshippers, at night!

Tour at Night

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